What is cross-stitching and what is it used for?

Cross stitching (also known as x-stitch) is a type of counted embroidery that uses little crosses or ‘x’s to create a tiled pattern or design. 

Cross stitching was traditionally used for decorating household items such as tablecloths, dishcloths, or table linens. Nowadays, this type of embroidery serves as framed art and wall decoration. Many people even take up cross-stitching as a hobby, for its relaxing and destressing powers. 

Cross stitching is considered to have many mental health benefits. It allows the brain to relax and focus while giving the body something to do. It’s a great both mental and physical exercise, often recommended for achieving mindfulness. Beyond the mental benefits, cross-stitching also helps develop creativity and self-discipline. 

cross stitch

How do you do cross stitch?

In cross stitching, you need to make series of diagonal stitches (/ and \) and overlap them to make crosses (X). To do cross-stitch, you should first get a cross-stitch kit, including fabric, a hoop, a thread, a needle, and detailed instructions. You can shop on Diamondpaintingsart to get started with a simple kit. Also, check out our cross stitching guide for beginners to learn more about the process.

Are you ready to embrace the art of making designs out of little ‘x’s? Ready to learn how to cross-stitch? Drop us a message! 

Cross-stitching kits are simple and easy. We wanted to make sure that any beginner could start, and finish, one of our modern designs. Our 11CT cross stitch & 14CT cross stitch  come with everything you need to get started, including Aida, coloured thread, a bamboo hoop, a needle, and detailed instructions. Get started with your very own cross stitch kit today and join the club!

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